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Ways of Art

Since my early childhold, I have been working on art and music, with art,- and music history to the present.

Inspired by images of famous artists, I began to put my own feelings and experiences into pictures.

I work with different style means and use defferent artistic techniques.


I received first artistic lessons from the well-known german painter and sculptor Margit Schötschel (died in 2017) at the Atelier Wulwinkel in Germany.

And from her husband who specialized in copper engravings and painting pictures in oil.

Both lerned first painting techniques and modeling simple figures to their model.

For example, watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil painting.

Also dealing with Lehm and Ton.


Nuture studies in the forest, lakes and their implementation in the first studies are still particularly helpful.


I spend a lot of time observing nature and wild animals in natural harmony (Bears, Wapitis, Wolfes etc.)


You can get a look at my studio in North Bay.

IMy studies included music (trumpet) in Germany and Canada and I started to become active in the secundary job in full-time.

I play in the Sinfonie Orchestra until today, in the Big Band and play lots of Solo Concerts.

Later, a study in art and painting followed.


So I have performed with neat orchestras or as a soloist in Europa (Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Swiss and Ukraine),

as well in Asia (Japan, China ans South Korea).

And in USA, Canada, Argentina and Brasil in America.



I`m happy to work with artists from other genres.

S0 in pas, including so far Linn Narane and Laura Lajeunesse, Michael Snow, Christian Ekart or Guity Novin.

Also the german artist Ulrich Linz is a welcome guest and friend on Fraser Island-ON


For some time I have been particularly pleasend to design projects with excellent fashion designer Steff Lehman-Quedra!


I`d be happy to welcome you to my studio and galery!

here you find me:

Catt F.Lajeunesse

Atelier in

North Bay - King's Framing and Art Gallery

188 Voyer Rd, Corbeil,

ON P0H 1K0



Call me please!


+49 151 15209003 (Europe)

+1(778) 924 6562 (Canada)


or contact me ! 

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